Expanding Affordable Housing in Prince William County
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Expanding Affordable Housing in Prince William County

Since 2010, Prince William County’s population has increased by nearly 100,000. As a result of this growth, the demand for high-quality workforce housing has only grown. The State of Virginia estimates that Prince William County lacks 8,800 affordable housing as of 2022.


American Community Developers (ACD), a national leader in affordable housing development, tasked Fells Group with building a grassroots coalition of community leaders, stakeholders, and elected leaders to expand higher-density affordable housing through the county’s comprehensive planning process. Changes require approval by three main policymaking bodies: the Planning Staff, Planning Commission, and Board of County Supervisors. Our aim was to ensure the inclusion of new housing and density policies within Prince William County’s Comprehensive Plan.


Fells Group developed an integrated educational and stakeholder advocacy campaign through online and grassroots outreach. Utilizing digital advertising, email organizing, and one-on-one coalition building, Fells Group elevated the necessity and benefits of new housing and density among key community members, stakeholders, and decision makers. This effort ultimately built the support needed to have affordable housing policies included in the county’s Comprehensive Plan.


After a 14-hour hearing, the Board of County Supervisors voted 5 to 2 (with one abstention) in favor of the new, historic housing and density policies for the county’s master plan. The approval of these policies will give Prince William County – the second largest county in Virginia – the mechanisms necessary to be a leader in affordable housing.

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