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Mark Edelson for Delegate

In 2022, one of the three Maryland’s District 46 Delegate seats opened-up. As a Democratic stronghold, the primary was the main event. Community leader Mark Edelson jumped into the competitive race that pitted him against a strong list of candidates. Fells Group was retained by Mark to lead on digital and mail strategy, on-brand materials and video production, and grassroots data analysis. Additionally, Fells Group provided general consulting for all facets of the comprehensive campaign.

Tactical Strategies

After calculating Mark’s win number, Fells Group segmented voters in the district into specific target universes for each phase of the campaign. The three main aims were to grow the candidate’s name/brand identification in a down ballot race, elevate his personal story as an immigrant and community advocate, and amplify his policy priorities.

Fells Group utilized a series of strategies and audience optimizations to maximize the type and number of touches that targeted voters received – whether that was on the doors, over the phone, through a text message, on the internet, or through the mail.


Fells Group worked with the Edelson campaign to develop a comprehensive organic and advertising social media plan that would support the campaign's aims. The Governor's race gained most of the media attention and General Assembly races are often deemed down-ballot, so advertising frequency (the number of times one user sees an advertisement) was at the heart of the online strategy. 

Whether it was creating advertisements with the candidate and his cat or showcasing key community endorsements, Fells Group was proud to build a diverse set of advertisements that were both policy-oriented and relatable or fun.

The video above was one of the many that Fells Group produced highlighting key community endorsements.


Although many mail pieces in today's politics are templates or similar-in-look, Fells Group created a set of 8 mail pieces that were unique and designed specifically for the Edelson campaign. Fells Group worked with the Edelson campaign to deliver a strong mix of hopeful, fun, and serious messaging. After the Supreme Court made key decisions on gun and reproductive rights, our agency developed a hard-hitting piece that called out the nation's top court while also detailing the candidate's unwavering views on abortion access and common-sense gun policies.

Delegate Edelson, a strong advocate of expanded public transit, was featured in another mail piece in cartoon-form explaining his transportation and infrastructure priorities.


Candidate Edelson received over 6,000 votes, won a spot on the Democratic slate, and cruised to a General election victory. Delegate Edelson entered the Maryland House of Delegate in January of 2023.

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