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Sam Cogen for Sheriff

Sam Cogen was a longtime member of the Baltimore Sheriff's Department.  Over 25 years, he moved-up the ranks to become a top commander.

In 2022, Sam decided to run against a 30+ year incumbent on a message of better experienced management, office innovation, and community involvement. Fells Group was tasked with building a bold brand and logo set for Sam's campaign. Additionally, the agency developed a branded, on-message website for the candidate.

As the race approached it final hours, Fells Group was retained to manage a game-changing press strategy that would show Cogen's support among many of the elected officials the city. Fells Group managed the press release editing process, delivered it to pertinent members of the press, and managed the accompanying press conference that featured the endorsement of 10 Baltimore City elected officials – 9 council members and the city's comptroller.

In order to win a down-ballot race, press coverage is critical – especially when many Baltimoreans did not know that the city they resided in had a Sheriff's Office. The Police Commissioner – appointed by the Mayor – often gets all the headlines. The event received strong print and television hits in the closing days of the campaign. Baltimore Press institutions that published the story of Cogen's establishment backing included, but were not limited to: The Baltimore Sun, The Baltimore Brew, Fox45 and NBC's local affiliate – WBAL TV.

Sam Cogen, now Baltimore City Sheriff, won a close race against the incumbent and won with a 2,767 vote margin among 76,233 cast. Since elected, the Sheriff's Office has been revitalized – many Baltimoreans now see Sheriff Deputies at various events across the city providing security. This positive engagement was one of Sheriff Cogen's platform priorities.

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